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Identify the missing piece of the puzzle and create a new structure for creating the life you desire. I can help you find the confidence and clarity you need to finally create success.

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Unlock your inner strength and achieve your goals with customized techniques to help you break through the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep you stuck.

Meet Clarissa Leary

Clarissa Leary is a Certified Magnetic Minds Superconscious Coach and Consultant. She has experienced life-shattering childhood trauma’s, to hating school and life to tapping into her superconscious to create a multi-million-dollar Tourism Business and a property development portfolio of over $13.6 million, travelling with her children, and helping others achieve the same.

Clarissa’s story has inspired both women and men to pick up the pieces and make simple changes that alter their life’s course using the revolutionary process called 'Rapid Recode', a technique that recodes your brain and remove your biggest inner blocks and stuck emotions so you can create your high-performance magnetic mind. 

From 2003, She spent many years seeking out personal development programs, which always left her feeling, “There was something missing”, “Why am I not successful” to discovering how to heal and reprogram herself to get through the sabotages and procrastination that seem to haunt her to transforming her life to be fun, easy, better relationships, health, wealth and abundance. . 

Today, she is known for her personal drive as a Superconscious Coach and her willingness to pass on her secrets to help aspiring entrepreneurs rapidly achieve their “Freedom Business”, create fulfilling personal relationships, and live a life of genuine, sustainable freedom. 

Let Clarissa help you tap into your Superconscious and manifest what all your desires faster.

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Creating A Life You Love Is Just One Step Away

Creating A Life You Love Is Just One Step Away

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